You Can Now Explore Middle Earth As Your Favourite LOTR Character

Take a quiz to determine which character you are, then tour New Zealand as that character

Photos: Courtesy of Tourism New Zealand


Ever wondered how JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth would look like through the eyes of Gandalf, Bilbo Baggins or even Thorin Oakenshield? Now you can see the real Middle Earth, New Zealand, as your favourite character.

To celebrate 15 years as “the real Middle Earth”, Tourism New Zealand has launched a quiz designed for visitors to discover which character they would be. After you receive your results, you are then provided with a character-inspired journey throughout New Zealand with an itinerary on Tourism New Zealand’s website.

The results are accompanied by a thank-you note from Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, who also divulges his favourite scenery in the country. You will also be shown a “What would [your character] pack?” segment, complete with a packing video filled with effects your character might bring on an (un)expected journey.


A quick guide

Want to make sure you score as the character you want? Here are a few tips you can use.

For Wizards, it’s all about magical experiences, such as stargazing at the Dark Sky Reserve or discovering the underground majesty of the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves. Dwarves are a little more down-to-earth, and will take a journey that connects to the land and New Zealand’s amazing culture. 

Travelling as a Hobbit, one will have an itinerary packed with great hospitality, enjoying New Zealand’s best food and wine. And Elves are all about luxury – spas, wine and sailing.

You can also retake the quiz to get a different result.

Take the quiz here.