5 Reasons To Visit Istanbul

A beautiful city rich in culture and heritage

Divided between Asia and Europe, Istanbul has played host to a myriad of cultures and ancient civilisations. Today, it’s a buzzing city of diversity and architectural attractions. We list five of the many reasons why you should make Istanbul your next to-go destination. By Marlene Tan 

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Credit: Turkish Embassy Tourism & Information Office Malaysia 

2. Blue Mosque 

Otherwise known as Sultanahmet Mosque, this historical and religious monument built in the early 15th century is so named because of the blue tiles that dominate the colour palette of its interiors. Sunlight filtering in through stained glass is refracted into sparkling colours onto the floor. The stroll into its inner sanctum is also equally spectacular. A vast courtyard is framed by impressive arches and domes of various wings that make up the mosque. It is also famous for having six minarets, while most mosques only have four.

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