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7 Yummy Christmas Gifts For Foodies 2018

Spreading festive cheer through a satisfied stomach

When it comes to gifts, you can’t really go wrong with food. Good food is the ultimate foolproof gift for any occasion, and best of all Christmas, when retailers are creating limited edition sets wrapped in special festive packaging. If you’re still struggling to find a Christmas gift for someone, consider the following edibles. For some people, the best way to their heart may well be through their stomach!

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1. Yoku Moku Holiday Assortment of 26 Cookies, $52.00

A chocoholic’s heaven in a tin, this festive assortment from Yoku Moku is also a beauty. It’s got the famous Japanese luxury confectioner’s signature and best-selling Cigare, as well as four other cookies from their winter milk chocolate cookies collection: Billet au chocolat au lait, Billet aux amandes chocolat, Cigare au chocolat, and Pleine lune.

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