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5 Reasons To Visit Istanbul

A beautiful city rich in culture and heritage

Divided between Asia and Europe, Istanbul has played host to a myriad of cultures and ancient civilisations. Today, it’s a buzzing city of diversity and architectural attractions. We list five of the many reasons why you should make Istanbul your next to-go destination. By Marlene Tan 

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Credit: Turkish Embassy Tourism & Information Office Malaysia 

1. Aya Sofya 

It may be the most visited tourist site in Istanbul, which means it’s very crowded, but you won’t regret it. Built by 11,000 men over five years and completed in AD360, this Byzantine church was the largest church for nearly 1,000 years. In 1453, it was converted to a Mosque by the Ottoman Turks and became the blueprint for the Blue Mosque which was subsequently built next door. Much of its impressive architecture still remains intact today. 

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