12 Amazing Log Cakes You Should Order This Christmas 2018

Yule logs for yuletide sweetness

You’ve got your traditional turkey, ham and mashed potatoes… but the feast ain’t truly a Christmas one without the good ol’ log cake! From classic chocolate to a local twist of chendol and red bean, this year’s yule logs are really sleighing it. Impress your party guests or treat yourself to these tree-mendous cakes!

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Photo: PrimaDéli

1. Truffle Yule Log by PrimaDéli, $44.80 (Regular) / $55.80 (1kg)

Baked with luxurious chocolate and more chocolate truffle cream on top of that, this cake is chocolate heaven! We’re not surprised it’s PrimaDéli’s best-selling log cake flavour. The intricately detailed lines on the “log” is a beauty to behold too! Another visually spectacular yule log from the home-grown bakery is the Rainbow Wonderland, featuring all the vibrant colours of the rainbow in fluffy layers of sponge cake.

To place an order, call 6276 3333.

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