5 Reasons Why You Should Embark On A Voyage With Costa Cruises

There’s plenty to love about Italy — from the country’s mouth-watering cuisine to its temperate climate and not forgetting, its colourful carnivals and festivals.

Now, imagine if you could experience the best of the European city while simply cruising around the region.

With Italian cruise line Costa Cruises, vacationers can savour the flavours of Italy in more ways than one. From dining experiences to fun-filled activities, the cruise not only offers an authentic Italian experience, but also provides localised comforts for the Asian clientele .

Helming Costa’s Asia fleet is the Costa Victoria - a colossal cruise ship that reflects the design elements of Italy. Aside from being the perfect home base for Asian travellers with families, the massive ship also entices with other luxurious highlights that truly makes one’s voyage experience like any other. Here are five reasons why you should cruise with Costa Victoria:

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3. Unwind and Recharge

If all the partying has worn you out, relaxation awaits at the spa and wellness areas of the cruise. Guests can feel free to rejuvenate themselves with the spa’s facilities, such as the jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath, massages and indoor mineral pool.

Need to get your fitness back on track? The cruise ship is also home to a fitness center, tennis court and outdoor jogging track for fitness buffs.


As a holiday is never complete without a meaningful souvenir or two, Costa Victoria also offers duty-free prices and discounts for popular European brands across categories like luxury handbags, cosmetics, watches and jewelry.

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