5 Reasons Costa Victoria Is The Cruise To Be On This Year End

The flagship Costa Cruise for Asia lets you savour the best of the Italian culture

Ever dreamt of going to far exotic destinations without the hassle of planning and packing multiple times? Ever yearned for the enthusiasm and passion of gioia di vivere (Italian for Joy of life)? This year end, Costa Cruises is bringing the best of Italy to you, and all you have to do is hop on a cruise. No long flights, no expensive plane tickets, no hassle.

The essence of Italy is truly captured on board Costa Victoria, with its regular line-up of authentic Italian operas, parades, and dance night. Apart from entertainment, food is an integral part of the Italian culture. Expect to tuck into the most delizioso Italian cuisines, while still having a wide variety of Asian delicacies at your whim and fancy.


We could wax lyrical about the incredible Italiano experience, but here are five concise reasons why you should be on Costa Victoria:

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1. Enjoy the finest Italian culture and entertainment

On board the Costa Victoria, there’ll never be a dull moment. Look forward to nightly performances ranging from Parade at Sea, mesmerising cabaret, Italian opera, and dance nights. While all the shows are immensely entertaining, the Carnival of Venice tops the list of must-watch with it elaborate masquerades, lively parades, and stunning concerts, all to pay homage to a festival held in the City of Canals dating back to 1162. 

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