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Restaurant Review: Get Your Mexican Fix At Comida Mexicana

Apart from Mexican classics, the restaurant serves up a slew of cool re-creations as well

Getting to Comida Mexicana is pretty easy.

Located along the East Coast stretch, the shophouse faces the bustling main road where one will most likely take note of its larger than life fiery-red chilli emblem etched on the signboard. Driving? You can drop off your party at a little junction located a stone’s throw away, before parking your vehicle one of the lots nearby. Bus stops are also situated nearby. The accessibility of the newcomer is undoubtedly convenient and devoid of hinderances like, say, a wall of sorts, to stop you from getting your tacho cravings sorted.

With a Spanish name to literally mean Mexican Food, Comida Mexicana surely doesn’t beat around the bush with when it comes to Mexican grub.

Armed with a dangerous Tamarind Margarita ($18), we began the gastronomic sess in true Mexican fashion with a bowl of tortilla chips accompanied by a trio of dips such as the Red Salsa ($6), Green Tomatillo Salsa ($7) and the most indulgent and our favourite Chile Con Queso ($16) that features the liquid gold of melted Monterey Jack and red cheddar cheeses, spiced up with the kick of jalapeño.

Mash Avocado Sopes ($20)

The cheesy revelry carried on with the offering of Enrollados ($18) – think Mexican spring rolls that have wheat tortillas securing chicken pieces, Monterey Jack cheese (but of course!), jalapeño and tomatoes in its doughy exterior before fried to perfection.  If your love for avocado toast is unwavering, the Mash Avocado Sopes ($20) will definitely delight your taste buds with a pretty presentation of a corn base that acts as chassis for a gentle hill of beans-filled guacamole. Do squeeze the juice of the accompanying lime wedge for taste.

Mexican Yucatan Chicken ($28) 

What makes Comida Mexican perfect for large gatherings is that dishes served here are usually in sharing platters of sizable portions.

This is illustrated through the communal mains such as the Mexican Yucatan Chicken ($28) skewers that are presented in a fried tortilla bowl. Expect a zesty profile from the chicken chunks as they are coated in a glaze of the orange and lemon juice, including the very exotic achiote for smokiness. While the dish is served with steamed tortilla skins, we prefer our chicken eaten with the crisps of the tortilla bowl.

And let’s not forget a Mexican classic – Carnitas ($32). Slowed-baked in an oven for two and a half hours, the pulled pork is tender to the point of disintegrating in the mouth. While the flavours of cinnamon and other aromatics do not disappoint, we still appreciated the offer of an accompanying roasted orange for an added zing if we see fit (we saw fit).

Something to note as well, the restaurant sometimes surprises diners with off-the-menu specials. For this visit, we are rewarded with the Crab & Avocado Quesadillas ($28) that will certainly delight any seafood lover.

Salted Caramel Pina Colada Bread Pudding ($15) 

Desserts at Comida Mexicana are created with a concerted effort to reduce sugar.

We notice the healthier attempt in its Salted Caramel Pina Colada Bread Pudding ($15), featuring brioche soaked in dark rum and cream, studded with chopped pineapple, before topped with a scoop of coconut ice cream and finished with a drizzle of salted caramel sauce and shavings of toasted coconut. The creation is surprisingly not as sweet as it presents itself to be, allowing us to savour every bite with half the guilt.

But if we had a choice, we would rather the Kahbrita ($14) – the Mexican rendition of the Italian affogato. Vanilla ice cream is swapped out for homemade coconut ice cream that is coated in dark chocolate powder, before doused in a shot of espresso and (here’s the kicker) Kahlua liqueur – a Mexican coffee spirit.

Address: 404 East Coast Rd, S428998
Tel: 6440 8030
Opening Hours:  11.30am – 3pm, 6pm10pm (Tuesday to Sunday)