5 Awesome Jobs That Pay You To Travel

Talk about work envy - these jobs pay you to explore cool places and test stylish products

So you want to see the world, but you've only got money for a one-way ticket and the streetsmarts of a cactus.

Now, if only there were a job that could finance your travels, while maybe even setting you up with some cool gear to go with.

If only...

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5. Live in the Buckingham Palace and look after it

The Buckingham Palace in London, England, is always looking for staffers – and there are now two based in the palace itself.

You can apply to be a housekeeping assistant in the Master of the Household’s Office, but as the posting says, “This is no standard housekeeping role.” Not only will you get to work and live in a stunning historic setting, you will get to touch priceless vases and irreplaceable paintings, and “take care of guests and support special events too”.

Another role, called “Groundsperson“, has you take care of the manicured lawns that receive thousands of guests every year – including for “high profile events” too.



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