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Bounce In A Huge Tokidoki Inflatable Playground Now At Changi Airport

Don’t miss this rare chance to meet Donutella and SANDy

Photo: Changi Airport

The colourful world of tokidoki has landed at Changi Airport, just in time for the March school holidays! Now until 1 May 2019, Terminal 3 plays host to a huge tokidoki inflatable playground, super Instagrammable tokidoki-themed showrooms, and more activities that fans of the popular lifestyle brand will love.

The tokidoki brand is beloved all over the world for its cute characters with a touch of funky punk rock, inspired by Japanese art and pop culture. Singapore is definitely no exception to the mania – we made history by launching the world’s first-ever Tokidoki pop-up cafe in our Lion City a year ago. Team Weekender also witnessed the force of the local fanbase when we previewed the tokidoki at Changi Airport event, where children as well as their parents arrived all decked out in matching tokidoki outfits and accessories to show their love for the brand! So if you’re a big tokidoki fan, Changi Airport Terminal 3 is the place to be right now.

Photo: Weekender

Step into the T3 Departure Hall, and a big, wildly colourful inflatable playground will catch your eye just opposite check-in row 11. You can’t miss it, and you should not. At 24 metres long, it’s definitely the main attraction of the tokidoki at Changi event, and a dream for fans. The tokidoki inflatable playground brims with the vibrant life of its adorable characters, placed around the playground in larger-to-life inflatable forms. Having a bouncing good time with your favourite characters, from SANDy and her cactus friends to the milk carton-shaped Moofia, and don’t forget to capture your moments with a photo or two!

Your little ones have a fun adventure laid out for them at the various tokidoki-themed obstacles. Think of the glee the kids will feel whooshing down a mini tokidoki dinosaur slide, bouncing mini trampoline “donuts,” and zipping down the world’s largest Unicorno slide!

Photo: Weekender
Photo: Weekender

Yup, we’re making tokidoki history again! The five-metre high slide is a great beauty, flanked by the adorable Unicorno. Go down the rainbow-striped slide and plunge into a big ball pit, where more fun with Sea Amo, Romantico, Pirate Puff and Jelly Cat inflatables await.

Fellow grown-ups, if your inner child is squealing right now, let it loose! Singapore has seen a fair share of bouncy castles and play areas great for both kids and adults lately, and the tokidoki inflatable playground is no different. Snap your photos, then put down your phones and bounce your heart out with your family, friends and your favourite tokidoki characters!

Photo: Changi Airport

Now until 24 March, the playground will be open from 12pm to 11pm daily. It’s best to take advantage of the March school holidays to visit it, because from 29 March to 1 May, it will only be open from Fridays to Sundays.

All you need to do to gain access to the playground is to spend a minimum of $60 (or $80 at the supermarket) in no more than two same-day receipts, at any Changi Airport retail or F&B outlet. That would grant you one pass to the tokidoki inflatable playground. MasterCard holders who fulfill the aforementioned spending criteria can redeem two passes to the playground. Each pass admits up to two people (either one adult and one child, or two children), for a play slot of 20 minutes.

Photo: Changi Airport

The fun doesn’t stop at the playground! Make your way down to T3 Basement 2, opposite the Kopitiam, where you can indulge your dreams of living in a tokidoki world at home. tokidoki@home, a unique show flat modeled after a 3-room HDB flat, is lined wall to wall, corner to corner, with tokidoki decor and furnishings. Beds with tokidoki bedsheets and plushies, tokidoki tables, tokidoki pop-art posters and wallpapers… it’s a tokidoki paradise where you can feel right at home!

Best things about it is, it’s free to enter for all! Take a tour around the various rooms and snap some selfies with the life-sized tokidoki mascots. Relax on one of the beds and have a little game with your loved ones – just imagine the gorgeous room is your own!

Photo: Weekender

And who says the rooms can’t actually be yours? The tokidoki items on display in the show flat are all yours to purchase and turn your own home into that magical tokidoki paradise. Pop by the shop right beside the show flat to  find the tokidoki-themed furnishings such as bedsheets, cushion covers and towels. There’s also a wide range of merchandise and collectibles, including matching parent and child shirts and bags.

Photo: Weekender

Changi Airport is also giving you the chance to meet fan-favourite tokidoki characters Donutella and SANDy for the first time in Singapore! The mascots will be holding meet-and-greet sessions T3 Basement 2’s new lifestyle event area ST3PS (look out for the wide steps featuring tokidoki characters at each landing), on weekends from now till 24 March, at 2pm and 5pm. The brand’s designer Simone Legno not included, though, unfortunately! Against a unique backdrop of the tokidoki family with a localised Changi spin, you can get a beautiful family photo to share with everyone.

Those who qualify for a pass to the inflatable playground (spend a minimum of $60, or $80 at the supermarket, in no more than two same-day receipts at any Changi Airport outlet) will also get one pass for the meet-and-greet sessions. These passes are given out on a first-come, first-served basis, limited to the first 50 redemptions per session per day. So do redeem yours early right at ST3PS!

Visit the official tokidoki at Changi Airport event website for more information.

New Tokidoki EZ-Link Charms Are Launching On 7 Feb, More Affordable This Time!

You might want to get a pair with your valentine

Photo: Weekender

Another month, another new EZ-Link charm to collect. Fans of tokidoki, you’ll love this one – or should we say ‘two’? That’s right, Shopee and EZ-Link have teamed up again to bring you not one, but two EZ-Charms featuring tokidoki characters: Donutella and the Mermicornos!

Mark your calendars for 7 February, at 9am, when both tokidoki EZ-Link charms will go on sale online on EZ-Link’s official store on Shopee. You know the drill: snag one for yourself before they’re all sold out! When Shopee and EZ-Link released Fortune Cat Hello Kitty EZ-Charms on 16 January, they were all snapped up within just 24 hours.

Compared to most EZ-charms, the new tokidoki ones will be retailing at a more wallet-friendly price of $16.90! We’re also grateful there are two different charms launched this time, doubling our odds of getting one.

Which is your favourite that you’ll be getting?

Photos: Shopee

The Japanese lifestyle brand tokidoki has become iconic and well-loved all over the world for their edgy cute characters. EZ-Link had created charms of a few of the most popular tokidoki characters, including Donutella and Unicorno. On 7 February, you can get a new Donutella charm, while the other stars the Mermicornos, the Unicorno-mermaid hybrid family.

The folks at Shopee kindly sent us a Donutella charm, and we adore it! The actual charm looks just as it is advertised, made of a strong durable plastic.

You may have noticed both tokidoki charms are heart-shaped, too. What a perfect couple gift for that special someone in your life for Valentine’s Day, which is just around the corner!

Photo: Weekender

Unfortunately for those who’d like to attach your charm to your bag, the new tokidoki charms do not come with a big key-ring hook that would be most convenient for that. But they do come connected to a small elastic strap that you can easily loop and tie it to your mobile phone cover. We strapped it to the bottom of our phone, around the charging port, but you could also attach it to any other spot where your phone cover has a big enough hole.

As with all EZ-Link charms, you can use the new tokidoki charm like your usual EZ-Link card and tap it at the reader. Except you don’t have to dig it out and then stuff it back; just hold your phone (which, chances are, you’ll be holding in your hand anyway) over the EZ-Link reader!

Photo: Weekender
Photo: Weekender

You can use the charm on buses, MRT trains, taxis and retail places that accept EZ-Link payment. Do not that the charms do not come with any prepaid value in it. You can top it up just like you would an EZ-Link card, at a General Ticketing Machine at any MRT station, or through the EZ-Link app. The charm will be valid for use for three years.

Pretty, practical and less pricey, the new tokidoki EZ-Link charms would make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift or a sweet treat for yourself with your Chinese New Year angpao money!

Mermicorno, Mermaids And Manatees: Dive Into An Enchanting River Safari This September

Get up close with these fascinating creatures of myth

Photo: Wildlife Reserves Singapore and tokidoki

It seems like our city has been taken over by the tokidoki creatures this year. From a tokidoki pop-up café, to a tokidoki-themed cruise along Singapore River, to exclusive tokidoki merchandise at this year’s STGCC – we can’t get enough of the cute and funky Japanese characters.

Riding on the tokidoki wave, River Safari is introducing a month of maritime wonder this September, to celebrate the arrival of the tokidoki Mermicorno creatures to our shores. Teaming up with the Japanese lifestyle brand, River Safari will debut 10 life-sized Mermicorno sculptures, including three new additions to the Mermicorno family: Submarino, Jade and Fortuna. The unique and totally Instagrammable sculptures will be stationed at different points of the park.

These mermaid-unicorns are just the perfect magical companions to River Safari’s own resident mermaids – the manatees! Join the special Mermicorno Trail around the park to learn more about our manatees. Bring some of the magic home with you by shopping from the various tokidoki collectibles at the retail store. Want something more exclusive? Complete the trail, and you’ll stand a chance to win limited edition tokidoki x River Safari pins! Five different weekly designs (shown in the following image) will be available over the five weekends in September.

Photo: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

To witness the manatees in all their beauty and grace, head to the enormous aquarium they call home, the Amazon Flooded Forest. During the weekends of September, visitors can meet not just the adorable manatees there, though. In a mesmerising collision of myth and reality, mermaids will be swimming over to pay a special visit to the manatees, as well as the aquarium’s other marine creatures. Catch the 20-minute mermaid performances at scheduled timings on weekend afternoons. Scheduled tours will also be held at the Amazon Flooded Forest to satisfy all your curious questions about the fascinating manatees.

Photo: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

When you’ve fallen in love with the creatures – and who can blame you? – get up close and personal with them in their daily activities. On the Manatee Mania tour, visitors can feed the manatees and take part in their target training! Sign up at the River Safari Visitor Services Counter for this unique opportunity, and get your cameras ready for some amazing shots.

The River Safari activities are only available on the weekends and at scheduled timings. For the schedule and more information, visit the park’s official website.

80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826

Sail Along Singapore River On A Tokidoki-Themed Cruise

There will be five Singaporean tokidoki characters created specially for this voyage

From 2 August onwards, you can cruise down Singapore River with the cartoon mayhem of lifestyle brand tokidoki!

Launched by cruise line Water B, the tokidoki-themed river cruise is the first of its kind in the world, where you can sail through the cultural landscape of Singapore with the various families from the tokidoki realm such as skeletal Adios from ‘Til Death Do Us Part and the music-jamming characters from Punkstar.

And for this exciting debut, the 40-minute themed cruise will also include five specially curated Singaporean tokidoki characters! So be sure to ready your cameras for that!

A cruise on the Water B tokidoki boat goes at $58. Exclusive tokidoki merchandise is available as well for purchase. As part of the National Day festivities, Water B is extending a special promotion of 10% off valid for all river cruises during August.

Bookings can be made here.