5 Reasons Every Traveler Needs The LG G5 & 360 Cam

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These powerhouse gadgets will capture all the action, whether you’re at a festival, concert or feast

Photos: Weekender/LG


Packing for travels is a tough enough feat without having to pick the right camera to bring.

Throughout the years, I’ve accumulated a whole arsenal of sharp shooters from DSLRs to GoPros, and even wide-angled add-ons for my smartphone.

But when the opportunity to try the powerhouse combination of the LG G5 and the LG 360 Cam arose, I took the leap.

After all, why settle for panorama or selfie modes when you can go full 360 degrees with a single camera? All the better for capturing the sweeping scenery, foodie flatlays and more.

As one of the first imaging devices to take advantage of the growing trend of 360-degree content creation, the nifty LG 360 Cam comes in a compact and portable size, which fits perfectly into the palm of my hand.

The LG G5, on the other hand, is a revolutionary modular type smart phone, with the ability to transform into a digital camera, Hi-Fi player and more; all while keeping its traditional removable battery in a full metal uni-body design.

We connected the LG G5 to the 360 Lens via the LG 360 Cam app and took it for a spin. Here’s our verdict!

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