#WeekenderTries: StyleTheory Clothes Subscription

An unlimited wardrobe of popular designer labels like Mr Self Portrait, Keepsake, Cameo and more

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Photos: Ava Woo, StyleTheory


Previously, we sussed out three ingenious hacks for diehard shoppaholics, one of which had been designer clothes subscription service StyleTheory.


Unable to resist the lure of an infinite wardrobe, we took the plunge and here’s our verdict.

Upon signing up with the app ($109 a month), we were guided through a series of questions that aimed to pinpoint our body measurements (to ensure a good fit) as well as our style preference. Hate buttons? Here’s where you should let them know.

After which, three pieces of apparel were recommended. Being the fussy shopper I am, I chose to swap these pieces out for whatever was available. Trust us, you’d be spoilt for choice too. Segmented in catergories that ranged from scenarios (from date night to weekend and even meeting the in-laws) as well as clothing types, the apparels were varied and stylish.


Popular designer labels from Australian bigwigs like Keepsake and Cameo, IT girl favourite Mr Self Portrait and Thai designers like Patinya were all available.

After settling on three pieces, delivery was arranged. In about 3 days’ time, a beautiful matte and marbled box arrived, concealing my apparel within gauzy sheets for protection. Each piece looked as good as new, leaving me ready to pack for my vacation to Seoul and Jeju.

P.S. Subscribers are able to keep three pieces at any one time, before returning them whenever they’d like something new. Plus, delivery is swift and efficient. What’s not to like!

In case you’re wondering, here are the three pieces I chose, with the forth from my second round of delivery:

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