Trend Tutorial: 5 Ways To Attain Pleat Perfection

More than just a schoolgirl's staple, pleats are becoming a timeless and bold fashion statement

Photos and text: Zalora ZCOOP

Pleats used to be associated with schoolgirls and pinafores.

But with designers like Issey Miyake, Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham, and Proenza Schouler revisiting this old-school trend, it’s coming back as a bolder, sexier version of its past self.

Whether it’s knife pleats, accordion pleats, micro-pleats, or top-stitched pleats, there’s a look you’re bound to love.

Here’s how to get back into the fold:

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2. Go Green

There’s something about warm autumnal colours that brings a comforting quality to a pleated skirt. Shades like forest-green, ombre, heather grey, or navy-blue serve as neutrals for your accessories to stand out even more.

Try this.


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