Huawei Mate X: 5 Things You Need To Know About The New Foldable 5G Phone

The phone of the future will launch in the middle of 2019

Photo: Sergio Perez, Reuters

Amid tensions with the United States over security allegations, Huawei pushes on with their plan to shake up the smartphone game and just last Sunday announced what they claim to be "the world's fastest foldable 5G phone."

It's the Huawei Mate X, truly the most revolutionary phone that the Chinese tech firm has released to date, and that's saying a lot. It's certainly not the first foldable phone in the market - in fact, 2019 has quickly turned into the year of the foldable phone, with a bunch of top smartphone companies introducing their own version of the incredible technology and fighting to one-up the other. Most recently, Samsung impressed us with the Galaxy Fold. According to most tech critics who had the chance to review both the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X, the Huawei offering reigns superior.

What makes the Mate X so amazing, and how does that folding screen work? We highlight some of the coolest features (in pictures), and tell you what you really need to know (brace yourself for the cost) about the phone, to be released in mid-2019.

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Photo: Huawei

2. It’s super thin, even when folded

Now that thinness is perhaps the most key criterion of a good smartphone, how can a foldable smartphone compete? If the idea of the Mate X being foldable is about convenience and portability, it’s nothing if it’s not thin. And thankfully, the Mate X is so not nothing. When unfolded in its tablet size, it is 5.4mm thick. Even when folded up as a phone, the Mate X is also impressive, just 11mm thick! Or should we say thin, compared to the 14mm Galaxy Fold.

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