Executive-class sofa for your dream home

The Fighter sofa set
The Fighter sofa set
The Fighter sofa set

Every home needs an elegant sofa set. Executive Living can help you find the perfect one

In almost every home, a set of sofas occupies pride of place in the living room, where the owners or tenants can lounge on and watch TV, read or even nap.

Sofas come in various styles, designs and materials but leather is often preferred for comfort and durability. Different sofa sets suit different people and different kinds of homes.

Whatever your preference, you can find your ideal sofa set at Executive Living, which offers premium quality products at mid-range prices, with staff to educate you about the products and services so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

High-End Materials

Executive Living’s sofas are produced from Brazilian cowhide processed into the finest leather in Tuscany, Italy, and the fillings are made of Canadian goose down feather.

With sturdy recliner frames and motorised units from Leggett and Platt of the USA, these sofa units sold at Executive Living are the epitome of comfort.

The Zenne sofa set
The Zenne sofa set

Elegant Designs

A curator of good sofa designs, each iconic Executive Living piece is vastly different from mass-market models. The mid-to-high end designs of their sofas can be compared to the work of the Renaissance masters.

Built for a discerning few, these pieces naturally attract a smaller and elite clientele, so they are able to spend more time catering to each client’s preference. There are also no middlemen, as each piece of furniture is directly acquired from their factories, resulting in much better value.

Attentive Service

Executive Living’s professional product consultants are well-versed in the different grades of leather and fillings, and take pride in going the extra mile to provide a personal touch for you.

The product consultants and craftsmen also provide on-site measurements and customisation to make sure your new furniture fits your home perfectly.

5 to 10 Years Warranty

To give customers peace of mind, Executive Living provides a five-year warranty for all sofa parts. In the unlikely event that a sofa unit is delivered with a fault, Executive Living will provide you a one-to-one exchange.

With such excellent products, attentive service, and comprehensive warranty coverage, your dreams of acquiring unique pieces of furniture that are impressive fusions of art and science, at reasonable prices, are attainable.

Visit the showroom at 246 Balestier Road, Tel: 6352 6865, or 5 Harper Road (next to Tai Seng MRT), Tel: 6280 6188.