Singapore Fashion Week: A Word With 5 MDIS Student Designers

You best be keeping an eye out for these young talents, they’re destined for great things

So what is it they’re calling millennials again? The easily-bruised child adults of the strawberry generation?

Well, 10 young Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) student designers refute the stereotype with the displays of their enthralling fashion at the National Gallery during the recently concluded Singapore Fashion Week 2017.

“I find it hard to show people my personality or feelings, but through my designs and fashion, I am able to express myself,” Shih Wei-Ting, Jack when asked what led him to this foray in the first place.

He, like the other designers, frequently puts his strengths down on thread and needle – a practice that some older folks may deem as frivolous or an ‘easy way out’. The illustrious line-up, however, shows otherwise, even piquing the interest of local brand Blum and Co to team up with the school for a commercial fashion line BLUMEX .

Ironically themed ‘Shades of Millenials’, the collections from the graduation show stem from the students’ personal experience and how they interpret the way millennials view the world.

We had a little chat with five of the talented graduates from MDIS School of Fashion and Design to learn more about their inspiration behind their collections:

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1. I by Lee San Ha

“As a Korean who grew up in China, I wanted to focus on the meaning of my name and express myself through my designs. In other words, I wanted to focus on my roots since my name means: Korean territory.”

Lee’s fashion tip: Knowing your own style is very important. Rather than following trends, it is important to choose the clothes that fit your shape and personality.

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