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Tóng Lè Private Dining Hosts Its Sophomore Niigata City Food Fair

Savour the taste of an authentic Japanese Autumn

Photos: Tóng Lè/Weekender

Situated along Japan’s scenic northwest sea coast, Niigata City is home to a rich variety of seafood in Japan. Aside from its geographical advantage of being close to the sea, Niigata also happens to be the largest global rice producer in Japan – the very rice that contributes to the lauded repute of the country’s sakes and sushi.

From now till 11 November, Tóng Lè Private Dining is bringing the best Autumn’s season produce from Niigata City to Singapore. Here are our favourites from the exquisite six-course meal:

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1. Sazae 

A gastronomical delight in every sense of the word, the opening number of Tóng Lè Niigata City Food Fair dazzled us the moment it appeared in front of our eyes. Served in a delicate bowl made from ice (with a few flower petals sprinkled inside, because why not?), the Sazae (turban shell) is a prized delicacy in Japan with a crunchy texture and a distinctively pronounced flavour.

Every bite’s a surprise with this dish. You’ll either be chowing down the meat of a turban clam cooked with ginger and coriander paste, or slurping up the velvety smooth umi shomen (kelp noodle) marinated with mirin, bonito, and yuzu. We haven’t had an appetiser this spectacular for while.

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