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What Films To Catch At The Upcoming French Film Festival 2017 In Singapore

From action-packed thrillers to romantic comedies, the festival’s lineup will have you spoilt for choice

French films may sometimes conjure up perceptions of a highbrow, avant-garde motion picture, revolving around intellectual subject matters that common folk (us) have difficulty wrapping their heads around.

But don’t write the French off just yet, see for yourself when the French Film Festival 2017 makes its return to our shores from 9 to 19 November!

Set to screen across Shaw Theatres Lido, Alliance Française de Singapour and The Projector, the festival comes with an illustrious reel of 16 compelling French films that distinctly showcases the diversity and artistry in the realm of French cinema.

Beckoning with varied genres of heartwarming drams, fantasy thrillers and inspiring biopics, the festival can be something to while the time away for casual movie-goers, while ardent film buffs can appreciate the body of motion art in a proper theatre setting.

And hey, doesn’t it feel cultured to declare you have watched a French film?

Out of 16 films, we have narrowed down five that you should keep a look out for at the French Film Festival 2017:

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1. Alone (Seuls)

Sixteen-year-old Leïla wakes up in an empty city. Where are her parents? Where has everyone gone? Thinking she must be the sole survivor of a mysterious catastrophe, Leïla wanders the strangely deserted streets of Fortville and eventually meets four other teenagers. Together they join forces and attempt to survive in a desolate and increasingly hostile world. But are they really alone?

Watch if: You are science-fiction fan who caught the likes of Divergent, The Maze Runner and The Darkest Hour.

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