Modern oriental with Kae Hana

#48 Fashion Kae Hana 1

#48 Fashion Kae Hana 1

Local designer Kae Hana wows us with her take on oriental prints

By Cheryl Chia

Who says oriental prints have to always be cheesy or over the top? Local designer Kae Hana begs to differ.

Kae Hana launched her self-titled brand in 2012, after working for an employer for a few years.

“I wasn’t allowed to do what I wanted. So, finally, I thought, just do it. So I joined Parco Next Next,” says Kae Hana.

Kae Hana, who has a Degree in Fashion Design, has always felt an affinity with prints.

She says, “Prints can change the way you look. Like how striped prints can either make you slimmer or fatter. Prints show my personality as well as the comfortable and easy-to-wear cuts of my clothing.”

“Essentially, it is a really narcissistic way of telling people what I like. And I hope they like it too!” she laughs.

#48 Fashion Kae Hana 2Slowly & Steadily

She has always been interested in fashion since she was a child.

“I told my mother when I was 13 that I wanted to be a fashion designer but, of course, she told me, ‘You’ll grow out of it.’ but now I’m living it and it is great!” she says.

Kae Hana is currently stocked at the Threadbare & Squirrel on North Bridge Road and Hook & Union at Orchard Central.

“When I first started, my initial target audience was from 28 to 35 but I realise that I get women as young as 18 and as old as 65 buying my designs. My designs are for women that don’t give a damn; they like versatile clothes and practical wear.”

Show Appearances

Kae Hana has also taken part in the Audi Fashion Festival 2013 and will be taking part in Digital Fashion Week in November, as well as Women’s Fashion Week. She also plans to take part in the Blueprint tradeshow next year.

Her Spring/Summer 2013 line, “Ride the Winds” shows her oriental inspiration mixed with modern motifs, while her upcoming Autumn/Winter collection “Welcome to the Jungle” draws inspiration from animal prints.

Parting Shot

“Singaporeans pick up trends quickly. Most importantly, try something you are comfortable with. I like to prove people wrong by constantly refreshing the oriental look and redefining what people believe in,” she says.

Visit the store at Parco Next Next at Millenia Walk or for more information.