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Chefs with Heart: Cooking with a difference


The first two episodes HAVE been aired on YouTube. Catch the trainees from underprivileged backgrounds as they learn to cook

Catch the first two episodes of Chefs with Heart, the reality show featuring 12 trainee chefs from underprivileged backgrounds, on YouTube now.

The Skills Behind Cooking

After Chef Benny orientates them around the wet market and teaches them to cut ingredients such as onions, red peppers and cucumbers, a task not as simple as it sounds, he demonstrates how to toss pasta.

Also, see who will be the winner of their first egg challenge.

In the second episode, guest Chef Bernard See teaches them how to prepare their first dish, Mesclun salad, a French salad made of seven types of vegetables.The second dish is aglio olio, followed by fried rice.

The episode shows the participants hard at work in the kitchen, and they will learn up to nine dishes. This will culminate in a dinner showcase.

There are a few funny moments as contestants goof up while cooking.

Criteria of Cookery

For the judging, 80 per cent is based on presentation, taste and hygiene, and the remaining 20 per cent come from a group of special guests and food bloggers who will be giving their comments.

Chefs with Heart was conceptualised by Josephine of Just Cinnamon. Celebrity chefs Willin Low and Heman Tan were roped in as guest trainers. The successful apprentices will be employed in one of the three chefs’ restaurants after the series.

Watch this heart-warming programme to find out the winning dish each week, and pick up culinary tips from chefs.

Chefs with Heart episodes can be watched on YouTube at www.youtube.com/channel/UCD2i9A6NO3ghfEUpYNm1rkA.