Watch These Women Recreate Snapchat Filters In Real Life

Why use filters when you #slay at makeup?

By Samantha Francis

Snapchat is by far one of the most popular apps when it comes to sharing updates of your hilarious mischiefs, outfits or even your daily rants — without the commitment. After all, every snap disappears after 24 hours.

Which, by the way, gives us great reason (for fun, really) to subject our pretty faces to ridiculous filters like the Drag Queen, Dog Face, Rainbow Puke and more. These three Beauty YouTubers have taken it up a notch by recreating the snapchat filters with makeup, and we’re floored by their ingenuity.


1. Drag Queen Filter by mayratouchofglam


2. Strawberry Eye-Makeup Filter by NikkieTutorials

3. Jeweled Eye Filter by Nicole Guerriero


4. Popart Filter by Lysandra T