How to rescue your poor scalp

Sometimes we do things without knowing if they harm or help our bodies; here are a few hair care tips that will definitely help your scalp


Living in this hectic society and harsh environment, it can be easy for us to overlook our hair conditions.

If we have time outside our busy schedules, we tend to focus on getting that toned body or that close-to-flawless face. But what about having healthy, good-looking hair? Do you really need to wait until your hair situation gets critical?

Actress Pan Ling Ling with our consultant
Actress Pan Ling Ling with our consultant

Starting with hair cleanliness

Healthy, good-looking hair starts with hair cleanliness. It is important to wash your scalp and hair regularly.

However, sometimes we are guilty of washing our hair too often. People with oily scalps are advised to wash their hair daily, while those with normal scalps about two to three times a week.

When you’re washing your hair, do take note that the scalp is just as important as the hair, as the countless sweat glands in the heat are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. This will also ultimately lead to having dandruff.

Avoid long-term use of chemical products

Chemical hair perms and hair dyes may look like they make you better looking but, in fact, they gradually destroy your scalp. These chemicals not only weaken our hair but, when they penetrate our bodies, they harm our nervous system as well. These chemicals used for colouring make the hair brittle and dull so, rather than making us look better, they do the opposite in the long run.

Chemicals used during perming also damage the scalp, hair follicles and hair. These lead to premature ageing, which is something that we all would like to avoid. If not, we would eventually experience hair loss and greying hair.

So, yes, these hair treatments may appear to make us look better for that moment but, in the long run, it is doing our hair more harm than good. If you like to go for these treatments, it’s highly recommended to at least let your hair ‘rest’ as long as possible before going for another round of treatment.

Eat right and live right


Eating and living healthily is not only good for your body and your face, it also benefits your hair. Your diet should include a balanced amount of protein as well as Vitamins A and E that stimulate blood circulation and prevent hair loss. Nonetheless, remember that this will not help much without a truly healthy lifestyle.

Avoiding cigarettes and alcohol is recommended but do not remove alcohol from your diet completely. Consumption of a small amount of alcohol is good to improve blood circulation, and that also helps to encourage healthy hair.

Remember, everything in moderation will help you to have healthier and better-looking hair and ultimately a better lifestyle.


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