8 Nostalgic Gadgets That Are Making Fiery Comebacks

Revive your favourite childhood memories with analogue cameras, retro console games and more

Photo: Sega

These days, nostalgia is king.

How else can you explain figments of our youth getting modern-day resurrections every so often?

Apart from cyclical fashion items like bell-bottom jeans and chokers, the tech scene has also welcomed a bunch of old-school gadgets — all revived and with good measure.

From Tamagotchis to Polaroid cameras, it’s clear from these gems that old is gold.

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Photo: Mattel

8. View-Master VR

Remember the days when the View-Master was just a pair of oversized goggles, into which you could slot round thin cardboard disks that contain stereoscopic “reels” of tiny colour film photographs?

In 2015, Mattel collaborated with Google and launched the View-Master VR (from $59.90), as a means of reviving the old-school toy while keeping up with virtual reality (VR) technology.

Users can now insert their smartphones instead of the “reels”, while using dedicated View-Master VR mobile apps to experience virtual reality.

Available at Mattel and Qoo10.

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