5 New Foundations For Flawless, Photo-ready Skin

We flawless, ladies tell ’em!

Here are 5 of the newest foundations for you to get that flawless, photo-ready radiant skin. Not just that, but it takes care of your skin from the inside out too!

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1. GUERLAIN  LEssentiel Natural Glow Foundation, $94.00 

This foundation is composed of 97% natural origin ingredients, mineral pigments and various active ingredients, guaranteeing smooth coverage with a long-lasting hold to last the entire day. The skin tone is more even and luminous with frequent usage, with pores looking less noticeable and pigmentation marks lightened with each passing day. An LEssentiel Retractable Foundation Brush ($77.00) is also available from the same line.

Available at Guerlain counters and major Sephora outlets such as Suntec City. 

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