5 Cult Status Bags Every Aspiring It Girl Needs

Move over, Mansur Gavriel, a new generation of #cheapbutchic bags have arrived

Call it the Mansur Gavriel phenomenon if you will.

But these days, it seems that the more exclusive a brand is, the more desirable they appear to be.

Independent labels with a steel willed focus on craftsmanship and design are now holding their own, alongside bigger luxury brands who've garnered a loyal following from decades back.

The best part of all? They've got affordable price tags to boot.

Here are five cult status bags to own, if you haven't already gotten your hands on them:

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Photo: Danse Lente

2. Danse Lente Phoebe Leather Shoulder Bag

Clean lines and angular shapes are the hallmarks of Danse Lente, a London label that translates to “slow dance” in French. If you fancy sleek looking bags, the beautiful Phoebe Leather Shoulder Bag, made by skilled craftsmen, tanners and metalsmiths, is a must-have.


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