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Embrace Your Inner Mermaid When You Live At This Airbnb Seashell House

Look at this house, isn’t it neat?

Photos: AirBnB

Move aside Atlantis, we’re fulfilling all our mermaid fantasies at this famous Seashell House.

Located at the exotic coast of Isla Mujeres in Mexico, the Seashell House, also known as ‘Casa Caracol’, is a beautiful carved AirBnB rental that comes with a private pool, overlooking the opulent ocean.

In fact, the magical mermaid theme extends beyond the facade. Stepping inside,  you’ll be awed by level of detail the abode is bedecked with, such as an assortment of impressive shell ornaments, shell furnishings, a shell bathroom complete with water-spewing conch shower head and a dreamy bed fitted with clam shell headboard.

Built in 1994, the history behind the house began when architect Eduardo Ocampo wanted to build a unique house worthy of his famous painter brother, Octavio Ocampo. Fast forward to today, the Seashell House now serves as the perfect headquarters for all aspiring mermaids to gather and frolic in the private pool, while belting out Little Mermaid’s Part Of Your World without any care in the world.

A night’s stay at the Seashell House will set you back around $400. So only serious merfolk need apply.

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