Editor’s Pick: 12 Backpacks We’re Really Digging Right Now

From high street to high fashion, backpacks have invaded our sartorial space

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For years I eschewed the humble backpack, perhaps because they seem to be a #throwback to a time when it was cool to wear your Roxy/Stussy/Mambo schoolbags slung low on your back.


But while tiny crossbody bags will probably be something I’d always adore, I’ve got to admit that they seldom marry both practicality and style quite like their roomier counterpart – something I actually re-discovered while on a recent trip that involved plenty of walking and hiking.

From luscious pink leather to on-trend patchwork, I’m betting you’d probably find a style you might unexpectedly like.

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Mansur Graviel Backpack in Blush ($1,415)

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