11 Tips For 11.11 Taobao Shopping

Taobao shopping on Single's Day? We teach you how to save and shop smart

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Singles' Day might cause some heartbreak if you are single, but shopaholics worldwide can rejoice!

The day is now considered a retail holiday, with massive discounts and groundbreaking deals from various merchants.

Our friends at Shopback share 11 tricks and tips on how you can stretch your dollar and snag the purchases of your dreams.

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3. Change your location to “China” instead of “Worldwide”

If you were to go Taobao directly, it’ll lead you to the “world.taobao” page, which gives you access to items that ship internationally. But if you change location to “China”, it’ll lead you to the “taobao“page, which gives you access to much more items that ship domestically. You’ll still be able to check out internationally at the final checkout.

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