11 New Millennial Pink Items To Add To Your Closet Right Now

From soft bubblegum to pale salmon, ‘Millennial Pink’ looks set to be the defining colour of our generation

Wondering if Millennial Pink will ever go away?

Here’s the sign you’ve been looking for — it’s not.

Most recently, Nike gave its nod of approval with an entire collection centered on the trendy hue.

The 23-piece Chrome Blush selection features a whole range of blush-coloured items including sports bras, sneakers, atheleisure apparel and more.

Even Gucci’s iconic Princeton Slippers are now available in a pretty shade of pastel pink, putting a youthful spin on the brand’s most popular silhouette.

And the final straw? Reality star turned beauty mogul Kylie Jenner unveiled a teaser for an all-pink Kylie Cosmetics collection, slated to be launched in time for her 20th birthday.

If you’re still not sure what the fuss is all about, click on to see some of our favourite Millennial Pink buys:

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Photo: ASOS

1. South Beach Rose Gold Round Glasses with Pink Tinted Lens, $23.76, ASOS

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