10 Reasons Casio EX-ZR5000 Could Rival Your DSLR

Our senior writer took the feature-packed camera for a spin in Bangkok and had these shots to show for it

Photos: Weekender; Edits: VSCO app

For a whirlwind 3D2N trip in Bangkok, we sure did a lot.

Whether it's exploring under-the-radar hangouts like the foliage-filled Featherstone Cafe, shopping at the bustling JJ Green night market or dining at the colonial Baannai boutique hotel, the trip left us with a bounty of memories.

Better yet? We captured it all with the Casio EX-ZR5000 camera, a strong contender among other travel-friendly digital cameras. Meanwhile, we even had a nagging feeling that it could rival our heavyweight DSLR.

Here's why:

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3. There are various manual shooting modes

If you associate point-and-shoot cameras with little more than basic settings and auto shoot modes, think again. The EX-ZR5000 has all of that and more.

We’re a fan of its manual shooting features, which include Shutter Speed Priority Mode, Iris Priority mode and Manual Exposure.


And did we mention, you can even save your images in RAW? Perfect for post-processing, we think.

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