4 tips for selling better on Carousell

Here’s how you can make your items stand out on the popular shopping app


Want to attract more buyers? Sharp and clear images are the way to go!

If you’re a shopaholic like we are, you’ll be no stranger to Carousell, a popular mobile marketplace with more than six million items listed. Question is, just how can you make your items stand out on Singapore’s top lifestyle and shopping app, among a whole sea of listings?


We spoke to the Carousell team and took home some useful tips on how we can sell our items faster and better. We hope you’ll find these tricks equally useful too — all the better for you to earn more and shop your hearts out (all over again)!

1. Great visuals make for great sales


Show your item fully in the main photo, while providing alternative angles 

Remember the last time you scrolled past an unattractive photo? Keep buyers lingering on your account with well-lit and attractive photos of your items, as they will help you stand out in the marketplace and catch the eye of your potential buyers. From our experience, daylight works best. Also, avoid stock images as buyers want to see the actual condition of your items.


With a limit of four photos per item, it can be tough to make a choice. We suggest that your main cover photo show the item in its entirety while the other three images be alternative angles of the item.

If it’s a bag or pouch, you may choose to show potential buyers how the inside looks like when it’s open or unzipped, or how it looks when carried. If there are minor defects, it would be helpful to include a photo of it — honesty is the best policy after all.

2. Description is key


Write good descriptions to help your buyers to better understand what they’re buying

Even if writing isn’t your forte, don’t be lazy when it comes to your item description. Key things to mention include the brand, model (if applicable), how long you’ve had it for, condition (9/10 with slight scratches, for instance), the original price, as well as the measurements.

For a better gauge, you could also add remarks like “Fits up to A4 size” or “Fits iPad” just to help potential buyers understand the item a bit better. Finally, ensure that your items are listed in the right categories so that the right audience can find them. Once your description is relevant and accurate, it makes it way easier for others to search for it.

3. The price is right

When it comes to pricing your products, it can be tricky. We suggest browsing through the marketplace to get a sense of how other sellers are pricing items similar to yours, before you list your item. Also keep in mind that people usually go to Carousell to look for a good deal, so don’t be afraid to go slightly lower than your competitors!

4. I want to be a recommended seller

Firstly, make sure your profile looks good on a whole, and that mean having attractive photos that are consistently clear and well-lit. If you offer good deals to your buyers and have a good track record of positive feedback, that would increase your chances too. Just remember to always be nice to your buyers and you never know who would slip in a note of appreciation after the deal has been completed!

By Samantha Francis


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