The Powerpuff Girls Welcome A Fourth Sister

Using their ultra-super powers, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup…and B-who?

According to Cartoon Network, little girls are like pastries. They’re made from sugar, spice, and everything nice, with the secret ingredient being a generous spillage of Chemical X into the mix.

For 20 years, the world has been enamoured by the Powerpuff Girls who brought their crime-fighting, cherubic selves to our television screens. But the daughters of Professor Utonium and all of Townsville are in for a pretty big surprise with the addition of the fourth Powerpuff girl!

Hold up – before we fuss over this groundbreaking piece of information. Hasn’t Cartoon Network already done something like that before?

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Remember Bunny from the episode ‘Twisted Sister’? That time when the girls created a fourth sister to ease their burden of saving the city?


We’re still relatively kept in the dark about the new girl. But based on that silhouette from the promo teaser, we’re guessing she’ll sport long, gorgeous locks.

Rest assured though, all will be revealed live on 18 September, at 5pm, on the channel’s Facebook page that promises an insight into the newest sister’s identity via an interactive experience. This is followed by a five-part movie special premiering on 23 September, that claims to transform all that we know about the origin story of The Powerpuff Girls.

What does this mean!? We have so many questions!

While our brains are filled with so many possible scenarios (like do the girls actually have a mother), we’ll be building our own Powerpuff Girl avatar. Here’s how the Weekender team turned out.

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