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How You Can Help Singapore’s The Cat Museum In This Time Of Turmoil

You may do so by donating or better yet, consider giving an orphaned cat a forever home

Photos: The Cat Museum

Opened in 2015, Singapore’s beloved Cat Museum takes up three floors of a four-storey building where visitors can play with these furry animals, check out informative exhibitions, participate in workshops and perhaps give a kitty cat a forever home.

However, circumstances have led to the impending closure of the second floor that is used to bring potential adopters and some orphaned cats together. The first floor is for commercial use, that also houses Mama & Munchkins Nursery – a programme to care for neo-natal kittens that no other animal welfare organisation in Singapore takes in. The last floor is where the founder, Jessica Seet, resides.

The Cat Museum is still operating on the first level, but volunteers are scrambling behind the scenes to find homes for these innocent creatures. However, with the power of the people, The Cat Museum hopes to not only relocate to somewhere bigger and better, but also develop a proper system in Singapore for better education & training in cat welfare.

Here are ways you can help:

  1. Contribute to Save The Cat Museum & an Education & Training Fund set up at DBS Current 0339049743
  2. Contribute to the new “Mamas & Munchkins nursery” OCBC 686362385001 or here
  3. Adopt one of the orphaned cats
  4. Show your support at its fundraising weekends from 7 to 24 September. Visit The Cat Museum Facebook page for more information.

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Mama – a beautiful odd eyed cat who was abandoned by her adopters when she got pregnant
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