Kit Chan On Coming Home & “That Dragon Playground”

After 15 years, the "Home" singer is back with a reignited flame for all things local

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Photo: Kit Chan / Facebook

What are your thoughts on how Singapore’s music industry is doing now?

I always say, to people who are kind of pessimistic, we can’t give up. Just keep doing [work] and keep churning [out songs] although it might take a long while before someone [good] comes along.

Would you want to move into acting? What kind of movie do you see yourself in?

Filming is really tough for me – the way they work and the hours – it’s more of the physical thing that’s stopping me! It’d be something that I’ll do very selectively.

I do like urban topics, like modern women in the workplace and their love lives, or period dramas can be cool too – but maybe not too far back, because the clothes and the hair would be a nightmare! Maybe something set in the 40s or 30s would be nice.

What are your plans after your tour?

I think I do need a holiday. But after that, I don’t know yet. Anything can happen – I’m quite Bohemian about life and work, actually. I only plan until a certain point. Some people ask, “Aren’t you worried?” No, I’m not, because things always happen.

In fact, my sister and I were just talking about Christmas and what we’re going to cook for Christmas!

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