Watching John Legend’s SK-II’s Pitera Essence Music Video On Repeat

SK-II’s legendary Facial Treatment Essence gets special treatment from a Legend

Photos: SK-II

The first episode of SK-II’s much-anticipated Pitera Masterclass has dropped! It kicks the series off on a sweet note with a brand new song and music video performed by none other than John Legend. The award-winning singer-songwriter bares his love for Pitera Essence, SK-II’s bestselling Facial Treatment Essence, with an original tune, “Oh Pitera.”

We didn’t know that John Legend serenading a skincare product is something we needed to see in life, but we are all the better for having seen it now! It’s a wonderfully strange video that you have to see to believe. We are all James Corden, Naomi Watanabe and Tang Wei sitting at a side, mesmerised by the song and even singing along towards the end.

Here’s a fun fact: John Legend wrote the lyrics to “Oh Pitera” himself! We can totally hear the heartfelt awe at the wonders of Pitera; we wouldn’t be surprised if Legend himself and his wife really use the essence at home.

When he confesses, “My skin has never been smoother, I owe it to you,” we can’t help but look closer at his skin. And indeed, we have to admit there’s a crystal clear quality that those who have tried the Pitera Essence would have experienced.

The iconic secret ingredient of SK-II, Pitera is so well-loved around the world that it is dubbed “Miracle Water.” With its amazing powers of refining the skin and making it look younger, the Facial Treatment Essence will take your skincare regime to the next level!

But what is it that makes Pitera so powerful? Find out in the next few episodes of Pitera Masterclass! James Corden, Naomi Watanabe and Tang Wei will be taking us through the origins of the essence and even share beauty tips on how best to use it. New episodes are released every fortnight – subscribe to SK-II’s YouTube channel now to stay up to date on the series!

This article was brought to you in collaboration with SK-II.