Yakking with the vivacious Yuna

Yuna is in town for a concert on Feb 24

Yuna is in town for a concert on Feb 24
Yuna is in town for a concert on Feb 24

Internationally-renowned singer Yuna is in town for her “Nocturnal” concert on Feb 24

By Cheryl Chia

From MySpace fame to international stardom, singer Yuna has worked with big names such as Pharrell Williams.

Yuna started playing the guitar at the age of 14 and performed at various events in Malaysia before getting discovered in the USA. Since then, the soulful Malaysian has been performing on talk shows such as “Conan” and “Last Call with Carson Daly”.

She recently signed on to Verve Music Group. Grammy Award-winning producer David Foster, who heads creative operations at Verve, even tweeted his excitement at the prospect of working with her.

We managed to catch her briefly.

Hello, Yuna. How has the whole ride been for you thus far?

It’s been amazing… The last three years have been so much fun and I learned so much too!

What can fans look forward to in your upcoming concert?

New songs from the album! It sounds very different from the previous projects I used to do.

Being in the music industry, you must meet loads of other artistes. Has there been one in particular that’s made you star-struck?

I have to say, Mike Einziger (of Incubus).

Any plans you can share with us?

I’m gonna be back in studio in April, hopefully, to work on new material. Other than that, I’m launching my own clothing line and website 14novbyyuna.com on Feb 15!

What would you like to say to fans?

Thank you, times a million (for all the support and love)!

Catch Yuna in her upcoming “Nocturnal” concert on Feb 24, at The Esplanade Concert Hall, 7.30pm. Tickets from Sistic.