What the baby-faced star looks for

Bosco Wong was in town for the Sundown Festival 2013
Bosco Wong was in town for the Sundown Festival 2013
Bosco Wong was in town for the Sundown Festival 2013


Hong Kong actor and singer Bosco Wong chats with us about love, life and being happy

By Brandon Era

he Sundown Festival 2013 took place last weekend, and Hong Kong celebrity Bosco Wong was in town to wow his fans with a new twist – a rock edge to his otherwise famous Canto-pop tunes.
Stepping into the spotlight in 2005, Bosco dazzled audiences with his dramatic yet comedic performance in “Wars of In-Laws”, for which he picked up a TVB award for “Most Improved Actor”. Bosco squeezed some time from his busy schedule to chat with us.

What have you been busy with?
I’ve been busy filming a new TV series! I don’t want to give away too much of it, but it is related to the stock market. I had to prepare a fair bit for this role as I had to research and understand more about the lifestyle and antics of a stockbroker.

What persona have you always wanted to portray?
I’ve actually always wanted to be a policeman in uniform. [Laughs]You should be able to see me in one soon, on the big screen.

Why a policeman?
I’ve always thought that wearing a policeman’s uniform strikes a very manly stance. The crisp uniform, the polish on the shoes, everything makes it seem so manly.

What makes you happy?
Something most people don’t know about me is that I really enjoy cooking. Whenever I’m in the supermarket shopping for groceries, I just feel so at peace with the world. I love cooking Chinese and Italian dishes.

I’m sure you’re popular with the ladies because of this. For their benefit, are you single?
Yes! Yes, I’m single! [Laughs]

This is just me trying to play matchmaker, but what do you look for in a woman?
I like women who are very smart and independent. The fact that they know what they want and they know what to do to get it has always been a great pulling factor for me. Being confident is a really big plus.

Do you have any parting advice for our readers on being happy?
Find something you love. It can be anything – a hobby, a person, a pet. It’s important to do something you love as you will always be passionate about it. I’m lucky enough to have a job doing something I love, which is acting and singing. Having a hobby or an interest that you are passionate about helps you to go through life happier. 

Look out for Bosco Wong in his upcoming film, Buddy Cops.