The Skinny on Angela Tong

angela tong hong kong actress slimming after pregnancy having kids children advise help where how to

angela tong hong kong actress slimming after pregnancy having kids children advise help where how to

The new spokesperson for Marie France, Angela Tong, tells us about her life as a new mom and how she got rid of excess weight

Hong Kong TVB starlet Angela Tong is looking fabulous for a new mother.

Angela has lost the excess weight of pregnancy with the help of the customised treatments of Marie France Bodyline. We catch up with her on how it’s like being a new mother, and the latest news.

You’ve tried all kinds of fad diets in your youth. Which is the weirdest one you’ve tried?

There was an apple diet that I went on in my younger days and I was so angry all the time because I was hungry!

Was the first thing on your mind, after pregnancy, to lose weight?

After my pregnancy, I had to eat a lot of things to “bu” – replenish energy – so I had to eat a lot of Essence of Chicken, vinegar with pig knuckles with all the oil in it; I had to eat all of it.

I didn’t diet the first two months and, afterwards when I was done, I started eating whatever I wanted. Finally, the dietician from Marie France spoke to me – I realised I was missing some elements in my diet such as milk. She just balanced everything out.

How did Marie France Bodyline help you along?

My treatments vary greatly and, sometimes, I don’t even pay attention anymore as I am reading. It just feels like I am getting a massage and they are putting cream on me and I just relax and enjoy it!

You mentioned that you’ll be starring in a new sitcom in the upcoming Lunar New Year. Can you tell us more?

I keep forgetting the name of the sitcom; I think I still have pregnancy brain! But it has Nancy Sit and it is about two daughter-in-laws fighting. It’s a comedy.

How is life as a new mom?

I really like my new hours. My schedule is just all in place. If I need to work, I know my baby is in good hands.

The baby has changed my husband’s and my life in a good way. I am in a happy place right now. Very happy.

Tell us something about yourself that people do not know?

When I sleep, I still sleep with my ‘security blanket’. Mine is just this little fur that used to be a headband but I still sleep with it and I need to have it against my face.

And, I bring it with me everywhere. Yes, I’m 30-something and I still have it!

What makes you happy?

My daughter. Whenever I am around her I am happy. When I look at her picture, it makes me happy.

I am the typical mother that shows people pictures and forces people to watch my videos. My baby is almost six months and I am loving motherhood.