5 Lucky Items For The Office To Help Boost Your Career

Smooth out your work life while also making your desk look prettier!

The Chinese New Year celebrations are still going strong around town, but duties call, and most of us are back to work again. If you've been having trouble in your work life for a while, the new year's a great time to turn things around! According to feng shui experts, having these items at your office desk can attract good fortune for your career. So bring them along the next time you go to the office, and you might feel a clearer energy around you as you work.

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2. A fish tank

Commonly associated with good feng shui, a fish tank is believed to drive out evil spirits. Not only that, it can also help bring good luck for its owner. It’s got to do with the regular flow of water, one of the most powerful elements of positive energy in feng shui. Thanks to the fish and filter, the water moves constantly and encourages a good flow of your own creative energy. Feeling stressed out at the office? Take a deep breath and watch your fish and listen to the soft bubbling of water – they’ll calm you right down.

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