5 Singapore Web Series That Will Change The Way You Think About Our Local Entertainment

You’d be surprised how binge-worthy they are

After a long and exhausting Monday, you’re finally home. You just want to kick off your shoes, crawl into bed, and put on a good movie or TV show to escape into another world.

If you choose to put on a local production, then congratulations, you are doing something different from the majority.

When it comes to entertainment, many of us go for Hollywood, Netflix or Korean dramas. But there’s nothing like local content that can give us something familiar to relate to, through people who actually look like us on screen. Don’t limit that screen to traditional TV and the Mediacorp shows – YouTube and even Netflix are home to plenty of excellent local web series, produced by Singapore independent production companies and starring talented rising actors. They may be produced on a tighter budget, but these five web series don’t skimp out on quality, and some have the awards to back them up.

So get comfy with your laptop or phone, and put away your assumptions about our local entertainment. You’ve never seen modern dating, friendships and office politics in Singapore explored like this.

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3. People Like Us

Break out the rainbow flag; we finally have a series that represents our local gay community and it’s all kinds of awesome! Developed by local non-governmental organisation, People Like Us follows the lives of four gay men in Singapore as they navigate sexual relationships, health issues like HIV, and the struggles of coming out. Inspired by true experiences, the six-episode series doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff. It’s got intersectionality (there are Indian and Muslim gay characters); it’s filmed at real gay clubs and bars in Singapore; it depicts gay men embarking on the universal search for love beyond sex. This web series is making history in Singapore, and not just for being the first local series about gay life, but also for picking up the Best TV Short Drama award at the iTVFest (the global Independent Television Festival in Vermont) in 2016.

Start watching all six episodes here.

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