4 Shows To Watch Now That Game Of Thrones Is Over

Shows to tide you over till the next season of GOT premieres

By Nicole-Marie Ng; Cover Image: Courtesy of Diva Channel

It was a little weird coming home last night to realise that I wouldn’t be watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones on HBO. Instead, I crawled into bed early and pondered about what I would do until season seven premieres.

Thankfully, we live in the golden age of television where there’s always something new to watch.

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1. Orange Is The New Black

Having binged watched season four of Orange Is The New Black in two sittings, I can’t recommend this season enough. Picking up from a rather uneventful third season, season four delved deeper into issues of race and sexual abuse, not just in the prison but with allusions to real world events too.

Watch Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.

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