10 Famous Pigs In The World That Prove This Year’s Zodiac Animal Is So Blessed

Fictional and real pigs that have oinked their way into our hearts

As the Year of the Pig is soon approaching, we celebrate the animal that has so often been misunderstood. Many folks think of pigs as stupid, lazy and filthy, but as many studies have shown, pigs are one of the smartest and cleanest animals out there. They like to wallow in mud to cool off, and contrary to the saying that someone is “sweating like a pig,” pigs don’t actually sweat the way humans do! Our Weekender team member born in the year of the pig would also like to add that pigs are lovable, hardworking creatures.

But don’t just take our word for it; let the many well-loved and famous pigs in the world show you why the zodiac animal this Chinese New Year is considered so blessed with good fortune. We promise these adorable creatures will not boar you!

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1. Pumbaa

“When he was a young warthog…” “When I was a young warthoooooooog!”

We may not have met Pumbaa when he was a young warthog, but we sure wish we did, to save him from the bullying he had to endure for his unpleasant aroma released after a meal. Also proudly known as “Mister Pig,” the character from Disney’s The Lion King is funny and loyal when it comes to helping his friends Timon and Simba.

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