We Tried Gong Cha’s New Drinks And Here’s Our Verdict

Is the Purple Potato Milk Tea any good or is it simply a mouthful to order?

After being away from Singapore for a good six months, Gong Cha is finally back on our little red dot with its new flagship store, opened earlier today (Dec 1) at 12 noon. About two hours before it officially launched, a snaking queue of about 200 people has already gathered in anticipation of the beloved bubble tea brand's return.

First in line was 17-year-old Daryl, a fervent Gong Cha lover who queued overnight at 10pm. His reward for his commitment? Vouchers worth 99 cups of Gong Cha bubble tea! When he finally placed his order for a cup of Pearl Milk Tea, Gong Cha CEO Mr Kang Puay Seng personally concocted the tea before presenting it to him.

The junior college student was also bombarded with a ton of photo requests and questions from the media, and we were thoroughly impressed by how comfortable the handsome young lad was in front of the cameras.

In addition to original classics that we have all been missing and pining for, the new Gong Cha has also launched a series of new drinks. We tasted five of them and here is what we thought:

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Pearl Milk Tea ($3.20)

“The classic Pearl Milk Tea needs no introduction and its familiar taste is nothing if not reassuring. Those of you with a sweet tooth, I recommend you get it at 50% sugar level to keep that sugar rush in check.” – Grace

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