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#WeekenderTries: 5 Reason Why You Should Visit Covo Singapore

Treat yourself this holiday season

It’s easy to feel like a princess. All you need is a trip down to a good salon, get your tresses trimmed and treated, and viola, you feel like a million bucks! We popped by Singapore’s leading Japanese hair salon as it celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, and readied ourselves for the festive season ahead.

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1. Bespoke treatments

Instead of having multiple hairstylists attend to your hair, only one hair specialist attends to the entire service process at COVO. That means that you get consistency and dedication, from cutting and colouring to treatment and styling from one hair expert each time you visit.

2. Highly skilled Japanese hairstylists under the watchful eye of “Chemical Master” owner-stylist

You know how sometimes you wander into a salon and then you wonder if your beloved tresses are in good hands? No such worries at COVO, as all the hairstylists here underwent intensive training in Japan, and all have 10 to 15 years of experience, many even internationally trained. On top of that, COVO’s founder, Mr Mizguchi, is a chemical expert who specialises in hair treatments and products, so you can count on receiving only the best quality hair treatment and products.

3. Designer salon concept

Attention to details extends well beyond COVO’s services to the salons’ ambience as well. Designed to exude modern luxury with stylish simplicity and exclusivity, the salons accommodates a maximum of seven customers at any time and features segregrated semi-private spaces for each customer.

4. Wide range of products

If you do your hair frequently, you would probably be familiar with the many products required for treatments like colouring, perming, and rebonding. At COVO, the products used for these treatments are developed by the aforementioned “Chemical Master” Mr Manabu. The products are also available for sale, so you can give your hair the proper tender loving care it deserves even after your session at the salon. These products from Mucota and Hoyu that are professionally used by the hairstylists for long-term hair care growth such as MUCOTA Aire + Shampoo + Series and HOYU Promaster Color Care Shampoo & Promaster Color Care Treatment.


What better reason to try something out for the first time than scoring it for free right? We’re giving away 2 x $100 vouchers to use at COVO! All you have to do to win is to follow the instructions here.

Prices for In-house treatment start from $50 up to $430. Weekender readers get to enjoy a 20% off for all new customers.


Covo Katong: 87 East Coast Rd. Singapore 428789, Phone: 6225 9706.

Covo Katong: 43 Keong Siak Rd, Singapore 0489147, Phone: 6221 4585.

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