Why You Should Totally Catch The Sound Of Music In Singapore

The beloved musical hits all the right notes, with a lot more heart than previous iterations

Photo: The Sound of Music / Weekender

The last time it played in Singapore in 2014, The Sound of Music charmed the socks off 70000 people. Three years later, the beloved musical makes its return to our sunny shores to lift spirits and fill hearts with soulful singing and stellar acting, while delivering a message that revolves around love, resilience and family.

Here's why the latest production is truly incredible:

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The Von Trapp family children

There’s no other way to say it without sounding overzealous. The performance of the von Trapp children was amazing!

18 of Singapore’s young actors and actresses play the coveted roles of six of the seven von Trapp children, who will perform in rotation throughout the season. Selected from an open audition earlier this year, the children are strong performers, especially considering how young they are, and we couldn’t help but be impressed by the talent and how much potential they have ahead of them.

It was also heartwarming to see (and hear) the families of the children cheering them on loudly after each musical number. The fervent cheers and boisterous energy in the theatre definitely rubbed off the performers on stage, and we could tell that each and every one of the young cast put on their best and most charismatic performance, knowing that their families were in the audience rooting for them every step of the way.

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