#TheWeekendList: 28-30 Apr 2017

Catch K-drama stars, enjoy sakura-flavoured bites and enjoy an Alien exhibition!

By Pamela Chow & Samantha Francis

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Photo: Emporium Shokuhin

1. Bliss out with sake

Emporium Shokuhin has collaborated with the renowned Ishizuchi Shuzo Co, Ltd to open the world’s first Ishizuchi Sake Bar in Singapore.

Sake connoisseurs and newbies alike can enjoy more than 15 different blends of sake from the famed brewery, such as Ishizuchi Daiginjo Daiyuho and Ishizuchi Shinsei Daiginjo.

The brewery uses the purest mountain spring water, which is recognised as one of Japan’s most famous sources of spring water.

More information here.

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