Your Guide To Chinese New Year Events And Activities In Singapore 2019

Celebrate the Year of the Pig with big parades and festivities

As the red decorations and loud music around the city make it clear, Chinese New Year is almost here! Huat will you be doing to celebrate the occasion? Apart from visiting your relatives and eating up as many yummy snacks as you can, of course. There are vibrant and exciting things to do with your loved ones all over Singapore. So put on your luckiest outfit and head out to soak in the festive atmosphere at these events and activities.

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Photo: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

2. Meet the pigs of Singapore’s wildlife parks

Definitely the cutest celebrations this year, the pig activities at Singapore’s four wildlife parks will get you squealing ‘oink!’ with joy. From 5 to 19 February, visit Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari, and Singapore Zoo for a host of fun activities all about the resident pigs. Meet and snap photos with the adorable mini pigs at Singapore Zoo, where you can also watch the African Red River Hogs toss up a special Lo-Hei! Other species you can have a chance to see in action include the Cape Barren Goose pigs at Jurong Bird Park, and the South American Collared Peccary at River Safari. Want to learn more about these pig species? Join the many Festive Animal Enrichment activities held across the parks!

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Hap-PIG New Year

It's the year of the pigs and we have some surprises lined up for the pigs at our parks! Check out what our keepers have in store for them! Hap-Pig New Year everyone!

Posted by Wildlife Reserves Singapore on Thursday, 24 January 2019

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