7 Running Routes In Singapore With Scenic Views

The sights make braving the hot sun worth it

If you think Singapore's all skyscrapers and shopping complexes, you haven't explored the city through our best running routes yet. A light jog past our iconic landmarks and lush greenery, and you'll discover what you've been missing cooping yourself up in a gym on the treadmill. Make a date with your running buddies to get outdoors and try these beautiful routes.

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Photo: Emir Hamzah Mustaffa / Flickr

7. Punggol Waterway Park

Distance: About 8.4km both ways in the park, or about 12km if you extend your run to Lorong Halus Wetland and Coney Island.

Another popular place for nature-loving runners, the Punggol Waterway Park is a testament to Singapore’s innovative nature conservation. The trees and lake go together with the man-made structures in picturesque harmony, creating many unique trails through and over the greenery. It’s a pretty long loop around the park, but if you’re up to it, you can also test your endurance by continuing your run into Lorong Halus Wetland and Coney Island.


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