#TheWeekendList: 22-24 April 2022

Need something cold and refreshing? How about giving the new Wall’s Viennetta Sticks a try or enjoying a cup of strawberry coulis from MilkSha?

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2. Milksha’s Strawberry Coulis Series

From 11th April to 29th May 2022, Milksha’s Strawberry Coulis Series will be making a comeback with three new delicious surprises!

– Strawberry Green Milk Tea (S$5.60): A refreshing mix of strawberry coulis with freshly brewed green tea and fresh milk.
– Strawberry Frostea with Milk Foam (S$5.60): A refreshing ice blend of strawberry coulis and green tea crowned with fresh milk foam.
– Triple Q Strawberry Milk (S$6.00): Relish the beverage’s interplay of textures with the mix of coulis and toppings!

Also not to be missed is the Strawberry Coulis Green Tea (S$4.80). It is a non-dairy option which has been an all-time favourite since making it’s debut 2 seasons ago.

Each drink is made with eight plump Belgium strawberries, that are slow-cooked in batches by hand to make one cup of coulis. Also look forward to two new additional toppings: Green Tea Jelly and Hand Pulled Mochi, which can be added to selected drinks.

Available at all Milksha outlets.

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