PasarBella opens with homegrown produce

#35 Food PasarBella

Fresh and artisanal produce can be found all under one roof at farmer’s market PasarBella, at the Grandstand on Turf Club Road

By Cheryl Chia

The Grandstand – formally known as Turf City – has changed so much with gourmet food places such as Omakase Burger, Maison Kayser, Grill-out! and Pies and Coffee opening in the enclave. PasarBella, a farmer’s market, is the most recent addition.

Offering an extensive range of fresh produce, cooked foods and other personal services, the 30,000 sq ft space houses over 30 tenants such as Bonheur Patisserie, Dutch Colony Coffee, Oceans of Seafood and The Great Beer Experiment.

Derived from the local term for market, ‘pasar’, and the Italian word for beautiful, ‘bella’, the place aims to emulate the other famous farmers’ markets from around the world such as London’s Borough Market and Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market.

Started by The Soul Group Pte Ltd, co-owner Clovis Lim says, “After visiting farmers’ markets overseas, I always dreamt of opening a similar concept in Singapore where grocery shopping is a happy affair for the entire family, in a space that is inviting and lively, and where there is a sense of warmth through the personalised interaction between stall vendors and their customers.”

PasarBella, unlike other farmers’ markets in temperate countries, is located in the comfortable air-conditioned facility in the Grandstand.

If you’re into organic produce, The Organic Grocer stocks 1,000 different organic and natural products and SG Organic provides Australian-certified organic produce.

Cheese lovers would also love the Cheese Ark, which brings in unique cheeses from around the world.

Artisanal alcohols such as craft beers are available at The Great Beer Experiment, Little Provence (retailing gourmet products and wines from Provence), and Merchants, which has partnered boutique winemakers and hosts pop-up wine workshops and tasting sessions.

Oceans of Seafood mimics the Tsukiji fish market in Japan with fresh seafood in both Western and Japanese style. There is even an attached sushi bar.

Household items are also available at Pantry Magic and Pixie Dust, and spa services can be found at Auum, and Poika & Tytar – a child salon.

All the stalls will be fully open by mid-June.

PasarBella, 200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand, Level 2, Singapore 287994, 9.30am to 7pm daily (some stalls open until 10pm), Tel: 6887 0077